Agro Industry Division
Optical sorters for the agri-food industry

Protec Sorting Equipment specializes in design and production of sorting machines for food processing companies. Protec’s sorters are applied in sorting and processing a wide range of food products:

  • Tomato: whole and semi-processed.
  • Fruits: fresh whole, diced, segments or slices; pulp, compotes and purée; nuts; grapes and berries; dried fruit, dehydrated and candied.
  • Vegetables: vegetables, tubers, pulses, coffee, salads, cereals.

The reliability of optical sensors technology

Protec Sorting Equipment manufactures optical sorters that can detect products’ defects and foreign bodies on the sorting lines and rejecting them with extreme precision. Thanks to color sorting and infrared light, only products with regular and uniform degree of ripeness, integrity of surface and flesh are selected.