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For years Protec has been close to the tomato and agri-food industry in general; we are well aware of how important it is for our customers to work without worrisome production stoppage. Our machines are designed to work without interruptions, but if that should happen, our efficient Support Service is active 24/7, thanks to an entire department dedicated to installations, testing and support.

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10 Good Reasons
to perform periodic servicing of Protec’s sorters

Program of period maintenance
Protec has developed a specific technical service to guarantee annual periodic servicing of the electronic sorters for our customers. Periodic maintenance keeps the machines efficient and guarantees their reliability over time, protecting the customer from unanticipated event and the need for urgent actions.

How does it work?
The customer brings the sorters to the Protec’s office by November 30th of each year to give us the time to accurately service the machines and return them in a timely manner. The sorters must be prepared carefully following the directions of the use and maintenance manual, by disassembling the various parts: connecting cables, pneumatic unit, electronic unit. All the parts must be placed in the wooden box provided.

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