Ricerca e Sviluppo Selezionatrici Ottiche

Objective Innovation: the R&D Department

Protec has always considered the Research and Development Department as the essential element in creating high-performing sorters. For this reason, Protec has always increased over time its investments in this important sector of the Company.
The philosophy of technological innovation and the research are associated with a relevant experience on the field, boasting more than 3.000 systems installed all over the world. Our R&D department focuses and is totally dedicated to the goal of updating and improving the current applications in order to achieve the best possible result for our customers.
Research lead to apply our technology to products that were not accessible in the beginning. Now team Protec is dedicated to many different product types. Besides tomato, products such as whole fruits, tomato and fruit pulps, extrusions, purées, jams, leafy vegetables (fresh or dehydrated), pulses, diced fruit and potatoes (in various shapes) can be sorted.