Protec: 25 years’ experience in Optical Sorting Technology

Protec designs, develops and manufactures electronic inspection and sorting systems based on optical sensors for the food industry, and in particular the agri-food sector. For more than 25 years, we have been investing in research and development to provide the best answers to our customers’ multiple needs. Our range of optical sorters for agriculture and industrial processing of food products is the result of our lengthy experience in designing and managing and our team of highly qualified and motivated professionals.

Optical Sorting Technology

An Italian story: Luigi Sandei’s passion for his work

Protec’s wealth of knowledge is deeply rooted in the company’s history. Protec was founded in 1990, out of the over-twenty-years’ passion and experience of a forward-looking and unique professional in the agri-industrial sector: Luigi Sandei, the first European manufacturer of self-propelled tomato harvesters under the brand “Sandei”. Luigi Sandei was aware of the innovative value of applying optical sensors to sorters, that reduced the harvesting work in the fields, and he used his own experience to manufacture the first “made in Italy” optical sorters: He applied them to his harvesters and later to the tomato processing industry.

Today Protec develops and manufactures optical sorters for the food, wine-growing, seafood and agricultural sectors.

Optical Sorting Technology

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Innovative projects and custom solutions

Protec’s story is constantly evolving. We produce state-of-the art sorting machines, increasingly more efficient, reliable, and precise, that can raise productivity and competitiveness for the agri-food sector’s companies. Our customers are our counterparts: their needs become the challenges we successfully meet in designing customized projects.