X-Tri Since 2010 AIR JET OPTICAL SORTER FOR WINEMAKING GRAPES. PRODUCTS SORTED DEFECTS DETECTED How X-Tri functions: grapes exiting the destemmers are distributed on the vibrating belt feeding the optical unit belt. The optical sensor detects the [...]

Roll Grading


Roll Grading Since 1999 CLEANING AND GRADING SYSTEM. The Roll-Grading system performs product cleaning and grading functions, as it conveys it along the production line. The first set of rollers moves the product, removing small size rejects that are conveyed to the first hopper. Thus, leaves, grass, pedicels, and other small [...]

Roll Feeder


Roll Feeder Since 1998 CONVEYOR, GRADING AND CLEANING SYSTEM. The Roll-Feeder conveyor system efficiently moves diced tomatoes. A series of rollers created with a specific design and placed at manually adjustable distance, performs the following functions: Grading of the diced product Draining and cleaning the product Eliminating seeds, water, small objects Homogeneous [...]

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